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The Immersive Experience

Immersive experiences have exploded in recent years, allowing us to plunge ourselves into different times, elaborate locations and even interactive worlds. From art to entertainment, music to play, these fully immersive art exhibits and events are emerging around the world and promise a well-needed break from the norm.

UVS has been deploying hundreds of immersive exhibitions spanning North, Central and South America, consistently delivering captivating experiences to our audiences. UVS possesses the comprehensive inventory and extensive experience required to develop and launch these amazing productions.

Verto Truss

At UVS, we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced and fastest high-end truss systems in the industry. Our truss features a cutting-edge attachment system that allows us to setup fast and effectively reduce labor costs. 


With the largest inventory of top-tier projectors from trusted brands like Barco and Christie, UVS is well-equipped to handle even the toughest demands. Our extensive inventory of over 300 10k laser projectors means that we can provide the right equipment for any immersive exhibit.

Media Servers

The Watchpax media servers serve as the exhibit's cognitive hub, guaranteeing seamless and synchronized execution of all visual content. Our certified Watchout specialists ensure flawless operation, accommodating exhibits of varying scales, from expansive showpieces to more intimate experiences.

Audio Systems

Immersive experiences extend beyond the realm of visuals to encompass auditory dimensions as well. With the goal of delivering an unparalleled immersive encounter, we have curated premium audio systems acclaimed for outstanding sound quality. The fidelity, coverage and SPL capabilities will not disappoint.

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