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Concert Touring

Concert touring is a high-paced and dynamic industry that demands speed, precision, and reliability. UVS has established a strong track record by providing modular packages specifically designed for touring that deliver on these key requirements. With over 20 years of successful touring experience, UVS is well-equipped to handle the demanding nature of concert touring and ensure that our clients can deliver unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

Modular truck packs
  • Standardized case sizes

Experienced touring personnel
  • Efficient and professional

  • Up to date knowledge base

  • Good looking

LED screens
  • High resolutions

  • Ultra lightweight panels

  • Flat & curvable panels

  • Up to 50% blowthrough

  • Variable screen sizes available

Camera Production

  • Multi camera HD & 4K flypacks

  • Media servers

  • End to end HD & 4K

  • HD Robo cams

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