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At UVS, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and most reliable high-end truss systems in the industry. Our truss features a cutting-edge attachment system that allows us to deliver fast and efficient results for your event. We also understand the importance of safety, which is why we regularly inspect our truss systems to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. When you choose our services, you can trust in our commitment to providing you with exceptional equipment and the utmost in safety for your event.

VERTO Truss System

The Verto truss is a new revolutionary system, making truss connection fast, silent and safe. The Verto truss brings a totally new perspective on truss assembly and is described as a game changer in our industry.

The Verto truss is quite simply the fastest and quietest system on the market.



UVS owns Alberta's largest inventory of electric chain hoists featuring half ton and one ton capacities. All UVS motors meet the highest industry standards and are modern double brake, D8 or D8+ certified. Our  ETCP and Vectorworks accredited riggers can competently design and install even the most complicated setups.

We possess an extensive inventory of chain motors sourced from the industry's most reputable and reliable brands.


 Over three generations, LIFTKET has set the standard for electric chain hoists used worldwide today. The horizontal arrangement of engine and gearbox as well as the patented safety-brake coupling system are just two stellar examples. The spirit of innovation is influential in shaping and designing LIFTKET products, making them the best on the market.  

Tour Rig is one of the safest hoists in the industry. With options like the double brake, direct or low voltage contactor control, 2 or 4 channel internal or external limit switches, underload protection system, positioning encoders, eye plate or hook suspension, Tour Rig is a versatile and safe choice.


Our selection of ground support systems span from the Medium duty 12” to the robust 30” Heavy Duty Truss. Whether your event demands a modest or substantial ground support package, UVS can provide the ideal solution. Reach out to us to tailor the perfect ground support system. Catering to your lighting, sound, video, or staging needs.


Our ground support towers are custom made by Applied and constructed from heavy duty, schedule 80 aluminum tube and are designed to be used as high capacity vertical support columns. Crafted by certified welders, these towers epitomize the pinnacle of safety and sophistication.

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