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PK Immersive - Namm 2024

Kicking off the year with a remarkable achievement, we proudly showcased the immersive experience crafted for PK Sound at the NAMM Show. Our setup utilized 13 Barco W11 projectors and 5 Watchout media server, effectively highlighted the capabilities of PK Sound's new T8 systems, showcasing their ability to address real-life challenges across diverse scenarios in real time.

Presenter/ PK's Chief Strategy Officer:

James Oliver


James Oliver, Luke Trinh, DRAV, Darryl Ross

Production Design:

Aaron Buchanan, Jake Wilson, Sean Buchanan

Sound Engineer:

Pugsley Jim McDermott

Darryl Ross

Watchout Programmer/Operator:

Luke Trinh


Greg Mcfadyen, Fabian Liebrand


Fabian Liebrand

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